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Upskilling Your World During the Movement Control Order (MCO)

Upskilling Your World During the Movement Control Order (MCO)

As nations around the world are combating the COVID-19 outbreak, the world as we know it stops but heals from decades of damage to our earth, air, water, flora and fauna. Here in Malaysia, we are entering our 4th week of the movement control order (MCO), and chatter about a possible extension is already well underway. It’s been some time since friends met over a cup of coffee, or watched the latest movie in IMAX. Going ‘out’ now simply means a quick run to the supermarket nearby which leaves us with a bit more time to indulge in activities we can do at home when work is done. So, why not use this time to upskill yourself so you’ll be raring to go once the MCO has been lifted!

Here are four of our favourite upskilling opportunities that is available during the MCO:

1. Harvard University Free Online Courses 2020

Have you always want to learn about the Pyramids of Giza, improve your programming skills or brush up on that entrepreneurship skill? Perhaps even take this time to learn and understand children’s rights or various topics in Humanities which includes PedictionX: Omens, Oracles and Prophecies. Well, we have some good news!

Harvard University is offering 55 online courses online for free via the Youth Opportunities mobile app. This is an excellent opportunity to be certified by one of the top university in the word, and yes, you will also receive a printable certificate. All you’ll have to do is download the app via Google Play Store or iOS App Store and navigate to the topic mentioned above.

2. Google Digital Garage

Upskill your digital knowledge with free online courses from Google. There are 3 different categories to choose from, which include

  • Data and Tech: Courses from understanding the basics of coding, Artificial Intelligent (AI) to building mobile apps.

  • Digital Marketing: Courses to help businesses or individuals kickstart their business online and how to market it online.

  • Career Development: Refine your soft skills so that you’re better prepared mentally and emotionally once the movement control order (MCO) is lifted.


Course length starts from under 2 hours, which is excellent for some mealtime learning. It is further broken down by 3 difficulty levels— beginners, intermediate and advanced. Hence, start at your own pace and work your way up. You will receive a digital certificate at the end of each course, so be sure to add that into your CV.

Visit Google Digital Garage here.

3. TED-Ed

We all pretty familiar with TED conferences and TEDx talks, but TED-Ed is actually a learning platform for students and teachers around the world. So why is it on the list you might ask? Because it is never too late to upskill your knowledge about the world we live in. Learn about The Science of Tsunamis, climate change, myths and mythologies to the possibility of teleportation through original animated videos. Feels good to learn something new every day!

Visit TEDEd here.

4. Codeacademy

You’re at the perfect place if you’re looking to learn to improve your skills in coding. Through a dedicated Day of Learning with people from all around the world, Codeacademy will be hosting an online event with interactive breakout sessions. More about the event details below:

  • April 10th, 2020

  • 10 am in Eastern Time (10 pm in Malaysia)

  • To register, click on this link


Other than this event, you can also sign-up for the Basic account for free. This gives you access to interactive basic courses and daily practise. If you like what you’re learning, you can opt to upgrade to the Pro version which cost US$15.95 a month. This will then give you unlimited access to courses, daily practise, members-only content, guidance and more.

Visit Codeacademy here.

Happy learning, folks!



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