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Team building activities during an endemic

Team Building Activity Ideas During The Endemic

It is a tough time to organise team-building activities as many factors need to be kept in mind— from regulatory SOP’s and ultimately, the safety of your employees. However, it is now more than ever that teams need to get together. Love it or hate it, team building activities help significantly in building team spirits and motivate employees. Hence, while we would need to improvise, here are four team building activity ideas that can be organised with strict SOP’s and some flexibility to make it your own.

1. Workplace' Pop Quiz'

No, we’re not referring to pop quizzes like the ones in school. Instead, add in an element of fun by designing questions that allow employees to get to know each other (and the company) a little better. Mix it up with topics relating to general knowledge, organisational values that you may want to remind your employees about and if your management team is up for it, take this opportunity to allow employees to get to know their superiors a little better. It can range from her favourite colour to how does he like his coffee in the morning? Design these questions based on your team dynamics, and you might find these questions bringing the team a lot closer together even those they are working remotely.

Thankfully, platforms such as Kahoot! can help add fun to these games. To learn how to host a live game, visit this Kahoot! website here.

Nothing motivates participants more than a prize for the winner. It does not need to be extravagant. Consider buying the winner lunch at that yummy restaurant downstairs, e-wallet gift vouchers or perhaps, coffee for a week!  

2. Breakfast At the Park

The pandemic has forced businesses to rethink workplaces. Most organisations still have their teams working remotely or on a schedule to reduce the headcount in the office and allow for better physical distancing practices in an enclosed workplace. Furthermore, many are still anxious and worried about many factors in their lives due to the pandemic.  Hence, why not use the healing power of nature and organise a gettogether in an outdoor location with greens aplenty, such as a park. Depending on the size of your organisation, you may need to break them into groups. If so, we recommend selecting members from different departments so they can get to know each other a little better. Otherwise, make this a team event! Though group activities may be limited due to the SOP’s that are in place, consider having a yoga session and take this opportunity to teach employees the importance of mindfulness and wellness. You’d be surprised how a few good stretches can help with improving one’s overall wellbeing.

Breakfast at the park with colleagues

3. Picture Perfect

This game is simple and straightforward. Plus, nothing guarantees fun and laugher than a good old fashion game of Win, Lose or Draw. Traditionally, an elected team member has to provide clues by drawing. No writing of words, numbers or talking is permitted. The team members have to guess based on his or her drawing. However, in this version,  team members will draw based on the information and clues provided by an elected team member. This activity will depend very much on your team’s communication skills— the team member in articulating the message and team members in how they interpret the information given. 

  1. Prepare the instructions for the team leader. It can be as simple as ‘draw a car’ using shapes. In his or her own words, the team leader will then have to instruct his or her members to first start with a rectangle. Then, draw two circles, one on the left and another on the right of the rectangle and so forth. You can always opt to make it more difficult by using movie titles or objects that can be found in the office.
  2. Each team member would have to draw based on the instructions given by the team leader and make guesses along the way until one of them gives the correct answer.
  3. Finally, get all the team members to share what they have drawn, and you may find some hilarious results as different team members would have a different take on the information conveyed.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Team building in the office

This activity is an improvised version of the Scavenger Hunt. You can opt to have it done outdoors or in the office itself. However, do keep in mind the size of your office and SOPs. We recommend keeping each team for the hunt small. Hence, you may have to break them up into different sessions. You can opt to prepare a brief of what needs to be done and have them sent to your employees prior to the actual hunt. That way, any questions can be addressed, and it also avoids the need for all your employees to gather in one place at the same time.  

Elect a few people in your office that will be holding the clues as teams progress through the hunt. The clues can be disseminated via email, and each clue will only be sent to team members once the team has found the designated person for each clue. Make the clues as fun as possible by describing something distinctive about this person that holds the next clue, or even have them dress up in a specific costume or colour for the day. Use your imagination, and we’re sure you’ll be able to come up with a few things that are unique to your organisation.

To thicken the plot, penalise teams that do not adhere to SOPs. For example, if someone is not wearing his mask correctly, or a team did not keep to a 1-metre distance from the group in front while waiting to see the next clue-holder. They will have to wait for an additional 3-minutes before receiving the next clue. Once again, feel free to work around this and see what would work best.

All-in-all, don’t forget to have fun and as long as everyone is mindful about SOPs that are in place, make the best out of these team building activities to keep employees positive and motivated.



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