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Payroll & HR Outsourcing

What we do best

We Take The Load Off Payroll Processing So That You Can Focus On Your People & Business

From monthly payroll outsourcing, statutory compliance to improving your business’s employee experience, our team of experts are passionate about implementing the right solutions that will help you engage your connected workforce—allowing you to focus on high impact employee experience initiatives and to grow your business.

Improved Efficiency

It’s no secret; monthly payroll processing is complex, tedious and time-consuming. We take the load off by ensuring a structured and holistic working process with our clients.
Ensuring payroll statutory compliance for your business.
Ensuring payroll statutory compliance for your business.

Ensuring Statutory Compliance

Let our highly experienced team of experts help uncomplicate things. Rules change, and sometimes, it does get confusing. With years of experience and knowledge gathered, combined with good working relationships with the relevant government bodies, we make sure your business remains compliant to changing rules and regulations.

Optimum Organisational & Cost Efficiency

There is no additional cost needed to purchase extra hardware with our cloud-based payroll solution. This means faster system updates, no operational hassle and gets top points for your Business Continuity Plans.
Optimum organisation and payroll efficiency for your business
Optimum organisation and payroll efficiency for your business
Adaptable and flexible payroll and hr outsourcing solutions
Adaptable and flexible payroll and hr outsourcing solutions

Adaptable & Flexible

Our solutions are tailored to suit your company’s HR needs and requirements— starting with the on-boarding process for a recruit right up to handling employee payslips to reports that are specific to your business. With various features to ensure better organisation and efficiency, we strive to provide a seamless, secure, and integrated experience for you and your team.

Our Key Features

Data Security Has Top Priority

Your company's payroll data security is our priority

We understand how important it is to ensure your company’s data and employee information remains secure. Hence, this is a top priority for us too.

  • Tier three bank-grade data centre
  • Two-tier security system
  • Strong security policy
  • ISO certified processes
  • Private individual offices

Improved Employee Experience with HR on Cloud

Improved employee experience with our HR on Cloud
Our end to end digital solution will get your HR systems and processes running efficiently in no time. With your employee’s experience in mind, the platform can be conveniently accessed anywhere, at any time! Best of all, cost-friendly and reliable, we’ve got your needs covered.
HR Vendors of the Year Awards Year 2020- Best Payroll & HR Outsourcing
HR Vendors of the Year Awards Year 2019- Best Payroll & HR Outsourcing
Best Payroll Outsourcing partner

HR Vendors Of The Year Award

HR Vendors of the Year celebrates the exceptional contribution that HR solution providers across the region have helped in disrupting the HR function and innovating business performance. The flagship HR Vendors of the Year Awards has never failed to garner an immense following by HR professionals across the region for the past 13 years.

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We take the load off payroll processing and more so you can focus on what matters most.

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