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How to Have a Positive Start at Work in Year 2021!

It’s a brand new year and this one, in particular, brings with it lots of hope, fresh beginnings and to be honest, most of us would like to move forward from the challenging year we’ve just ended. No doubt, the fear and worries brought about by the pandemic still looms over our heads as countries around the world, including ours, continue to battle the effects of the virus— whether medically, socially or economically. It is very easy to be consumed by all that’s happening around us, but life needs to go on, and there is no better way to face it than with a positive mindset!

1. Be grateful

If there is one key takeout from this pandemic, it is that people, regardless of age, gender, job or socioeconomic status, have been forced to stop and re-think many aspects of their lives. Today, we should grateful if we can spend time with our families together during the New Year, or that we’re still able to earn a living despite a change in workplaces. We’ve learnt that perhaps, the things in life that we often take for granted, need to be appreciated and nurtured. Hence, today, take a moment to think about all the people and experiences that have impacted your life and be thankful for them.

2. Dress the part

As the pandemic rages on, that lucky work shirt that somehow always wins you a new piece of business or that favourite pair of high-heel shoes that make you feel on top of the world in an important meeting has somehow begun collecting dust at the back of the closet. This New Year, whether you’re still working from home or the office, play-the-part and dress-up! You’re likely to feel pretty awesome, giving yourself a good, positive boost to kick start the year.

3. Re-vamp your workspace

Give your workspace a little makeover this New Year. After all, a fresh new work environment is bound to get those productivity and creative juices flowing. Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Start with some indoor greens! A study done by the University of Twente further finds that plants produce higher morale and lesser headaches among employees, thus giving productivity a nice eco-friendly boost!

  • Use a desk calendar or add motivational quote cards for a quick pick-me-up each morning.

  • Get organise by arranging your stationary properly or personalise your year 2021 workspace by making your very own pen-holders with recyclable materials.

  • Change your laptop wallpaper to one that helps you be calm and promote mindfulness.

4. Spread kindness

Sometimes, the office can bring out the worst in people. With lunchtime vents, office gossips and politics, the workplace can hardly be a conducive place to spread positivity. But let’s face it, we don’t ever know what someone else is truly facing, especially during these trying times. Hence, make it a point to smile at your colleagues at the hallway, or start a random conversation about the holidays. Who knows, you might just make another friend at work, and you’ve probably just made someone smile too.

So, here’s to the start of a wonderful New Year. What the future holds, we will never know, but we can all undoubtedly play a part to make the world a better place for others, starting with our colleagues.


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