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Coaching For A Great Career Comeback

Coaching For A Great Career Comeback

Returning to work after a career break can be tough. A woman who wants to make a career comeback will have to decide what working arrangements will suit her and which industry/job/level she plans to be in.

But her toughest challenge would be to build the confidence to apply for jobs. 

After being away from the workforce for some time and possibly losing touch with current industry trends, it is only natural to doubt one’s ability to compete with other job applicants, especially fresh graduates and those who have never left the workforce.

To address these concerns, Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) collaborated with several Malaysian recruitment companies to organise a one-month mentoring and coaching programme for women who are keen on making a career comeback.

Career Comeback Coaching Programme Recruiters’ Edition is an extension of a mini career fair held in August 2018 which saw the participation of seven recruitment companies and 70 career comeback women.

The programme aimed to provide career comeback women with career path clarity as well as the skills, knowledge, support and network to secure jobs. At present, six recruitment companies and 12 career comeback women participated in the inaugural programme.

Career comeback mentees underwent four two-hour coaching sessions with their respective recruitment company mentors for one month. In the first session, mentees went through a general introduction session and received coaching on career planning, goal setting and speaking confidently.

The second session focused on building employable strengths and skills, personal branding, turning negatives into positives and managing expectations. Mentees received financial management advice and were inspired by role models in the third session before making their individual pitches during the final session. 

The Career Comeback Coaching Programme Recruiters’ Edition was launched on 12th September 2018.Twelve participants were coached by five recruiters from Kelly Services Malaysia, Michael Page Malaysia, CareerXcell Sdn Bhd, Ambition Group and Hydrogen Group. This Coaching Programme is an extension of the Mini Career Comeback Fair Recruiters’ Edition held on 1 August 2018 at TalentCorp.


credit to Talent Matters by TalentCorp Malaysia http://www.talentmatters.com.my/stories/women/coaching-for-a-great-career-comeback




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